Thursday, July 16, 2009

Screaming through the forest at night

Oh, wow, it's been far to long. After everything that's happened, I'd almost completely forgotten about writing. Luckily, we're taking a breather here at this abandoned police station, so I have access to the computer.

We had to make a break for it after the "incident". Not all the Majini were dead, as we had originally thought. And they've managed to repopulate, too, using whoever they can find. Which, of course, include the people of out camp. Most of us got away, but some of us didn't. Old man Vanni was captured by them, but after they realized he was far to old to have any value to them, they killed him. They almost got Lisa, but that man Reynard saved her, at the cost of his own life, I believe. I'm not entirely sure though, because we were already trying to escape when they caught him, so I never saw thim die, or get turned. They got Dave, too, so now we have no Medic, though I have sort of stepped up to the plate at that. I'm trying my best, but some injuries are simply beyond my limited medical knowledge. Now it's just Josh, Jerome, Lisa and I. Lisa was injured, but she's still alive. She's mising an eye, though, but I guess the pains stopped because it doesn't seem to bother her now.

We managed to escape to a nearby town, though it's largely abandoned, and all the supplies are gone with it. We did manage to find a few things, but only enough to last maybe a day or two, but no more.

That's all for now. I'll try to uopdate once more before we leave. Hopefully we can give those bastards the slip. Hopefully.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies?

Alot of the B.S.A.A. soldier's have moved out. There's about three left here, and they've taken most of the civilians with them. There's less then ten people in the camp now, and I'm one of them. And so, I've taken the liberty of meeting a few of them.

Josh Stone - Typical "married to his work" B.S.A.A. agent. Leader of the Delta squad, or at least what's left of it now, anyway. Nice enough, but he acts like everything little thing's going to jump out at him. He also has an issue with the snake problem at the camp.

Jerome Fox - Another B.S.A.A. agent, though he seems very laid back and doesn't much care about the out-come of things. Has the habit of losing everything he owns. Chain-smokes like a freight-train, despite the obvious lack of anywhere to actually purchase cigarettes out here. Argues with Josh a lot. Has short, spiky red hair.

Old Man Vanni - "Geovanni". The oldest man in the camp. He seems to be a fount of endless knowledge about any random general subject, but he sometimes has trouble remembering basic things like names and places. Claims to have once been a peace activist until he was shot by a police officer in a riot. Dissaproves of Jerome's laid-back attitude and constantly calls him "kiddo".

Dave Mathison - Detal teams medical unit. Had a brother named Kirk who was killed during the Kijuju Crisis. Complains nearly all the time. I've made a point of avoiding him as much as possible.

Reynard Fisher - A pretty quite guy who seems to repel everyone in the camp from him. I've tried to talk to him a few times, and he just replies with grunts and growls. Has an obvious nervous disorder, and itches his neck because of it. One of the few civilians that came with the group that carries a gun.

Lisa - A blonde girl about the same age as me. Seems to have a thing for Jerome, but he ignores her constant passes at him. Obviously not from around here, though she does speak the language rather well. A bit of a dunce, too, though I forgive her for it, because she keeps me amused.

Everyone seems on edge recently. Somethings going to happen really soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Closing the Door

Not much has happened, from what I can see. Not that I can see much. The B.S.A.A. are still here, and they won't tell us what they're doing. It's getting more and more difficult to get a hold of a computer, and some of the soldiers have left, though to where I don't know. Every time I ask Josh, he just smiles and tells me that it's all going to be alright. I don't believe him. Even I can see that deep down he's worried about something happening, though again, I don't know what.

Still got my gun, and I stole a gun from Josh while he was sleeping. It's an interesting piece, to be sure. I heard him talking about it to some officer or another the next day, saying that they had to get ahold of "Wesker's gun". So, apparently, the gun I took was interesting.

I've been having the worst headaches lately, too. And apparently, my body tempurature is at an all time low. 63 degrees. But other then the headaches, I feel fine. I don't feel like I"m about to die or anything. I wonder if it's the virus reimerging?


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Operation

Alot of things have gone down between now and my last post. Alot of things.

TriCell as I've always known it is over. Excella, my sister, is dead. I heard from some of the B.S.A.A. agents (I'm in a small camp of there's now) that Wesker killed her. Irving's been dead since just after he left for his deal. Wesker's dead now too, and that Jill woman...She's different now. Shes's more...human. I like her like this.

Apparently, two B.S.A.A. agents, Chris Redfield, and Sheva Alomar swept through the facility. Some of the scientists escaped, but I hid out. I managed to take a few of the Majini out, and before I knew it, there were B.S.A.A. agents everywhere.

My U-8's been killed. I don't think these people really know who I am. I told them my name was Christian Reed. That didn't really care much after that. Gave me some food, a cot, and a blanket. I'm using one of their computer's now. I'm not sure if they can track any of this stuff, but at this point I don't really care. I'm just glad it's over.

Oddly enough, though, they're not leaving. They seem like they're getting ready for something else, but it doesn't seem like moving out to me. They didn't confiscate my gun, and I'm glad for it. I still don't entirely trust all these people. They look at me with such scorn, like they want to kill me. But still, that guy...Joss or Josh or something like that, he keeps them under control. I'm glad for him. Jill's here, too, but if she recognizes me, she doesn't say anything about it. I know she does, though. Every time she looks at me, she has this sad, spaced off look in her eyes, like she's remembering something awful. I know she knows who I am. But I'm glad for that. I have someone I can relate to, in a strange way.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Murder, Murder

Thinking back, I'd always wondered what they'd use my U-8 for when I was finished with my research on it. I guess now I know.

Ricardo Irving works within TriCell, but I already knew this. He deceivingly works within the Resource Development Division, and also operates the Oil Field, but in reality, he's been selling black market B.O.W.'s this entire time, but Excella knew about it. In fact, she's always known about it, and that's why he is where he is. To keep people off his trail. He doesn't even work in the Medical department, because they wanted to keep people off his trail.

Apparently, he's currently enroute to another deal, to sell a B.O.W named Popokarimu, which is a bat based B.O.W. He's also got another one about to be sold too, Ndesu, which is based off the El Gigante seen in Europe.

Also, despite the fact that the Umbrella facility (except for a few minor excursions) has been completely abandonded for months now, I've heard tell that there is still research and development teams down there working on something called Licker β, which uses the progenitor virus, which is apparently the type of Virus that was used to creat both mine and Ashton's mutations. However, now that I lack any signs of my initial mutation, I'm back to just being a scientist.

I also managed to dig up more information on the Progenitor Virus, and uncovered the name Lisa Trevor. Apparently, she underwent the same viral process as I did, using Progenitor Type-B, which is also the same as what they used on me. However, at the time they either did not have a cure, or wanted to study her mutation, and let it get wildly out of control in the process. However, her actualy mutation was very different then mine, but she was also injected with several other virus'. She managed to adapt well to most of them, but eventually she went insane, killed several scientists, and was aparently involved in the initial 'Tyrant' virus outbreak in Racoon City all those years ago.

So far, though, that's the only information I've been able to dig up on that subject.

Also, I heard from Excella that Irving's been having some issues with a B.S.A.A. team while trying to deliver his B.O.W. Ha, ha! I hope he gets whats coming to him.

Also, heard talk of two B.S.A.A. member's breaking a seige in Kijuju Autonomus Zone. I didn't get any names, but it certainly pequied my interest. All the scientists seem rather worried about it, but hopefully it's done some good.

U-8 impressed me today. While it is, in essence, still just a huge crab, it's showed some minor higher brain functions, and managed to follow a given order for a short period of time. However, shortly thereafter it managed to rip apart some Majini (The "people" I heard some of the local scientists call them this. It means, "evil spirit" in Swahili), and made a rather large mess.

Also, my final note, I managed to hide my SIG P226 before I was captured, and Ashton made no note of it, despite knowing where I hid it. I managed to pick it up today on my way back to my room. I was wrong about the armed gaurd thing, too. I'm still free to roam around, but I'm not aloud into a majority of the facility except for the U-8 research lab, and a few other minor places. But I'm glad I got my gun back.

Christian Gionne

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bee's Sting

Damn Excella! Damn Wesker! Damn Jill! Damn Irving! And Damn Ashton!

I got set up. Ashton betrayed me. Wesker controlled him like a sad puppy. Worst part is, I've already administered the anti-virus to myself. But Wesker knew that. He told me research on my mutation was over, and they no longer had any need of it, so he allowed me to administer it. He knew it all along.

I was confined to a small room for four hours. Apparently Wesker wanted to kill me, considering research was over, but Excella saved my ass. I'm still alive, but all this is her fault in the first place! If she'd never started working on that damned Uroborus, and never agreed with Wesker, none of this would have happened.

Now I'm confined to my room, and the U-8 research laboratory. I'm not allowed to go anywhere else, and a guard will bring me my food. I was betrayed. I'm alone.

Damnit, why did this have to happen. Now I'm under tight security. I can't even leave the room without an armed escort, and I know Wesker told them to shoot me if I resist. All the other scientists look at me like I'm insane, like I'm one of those "things". Don't any of them want out too?! After all that's been done here?

Ugh...I haven't slept yet. I'm about to go to sleep. Work resumes tomorrow for me.

Christian Gionne

Sunday, April 5, 2009

You don't spend every day looking at saliva

The worst possible thing just happened, so I thought I'd get on here and update while I had the chance.

Ashton just came in yelling and screaming, and he was paler (I know, he's already pale) then death. He told me that he'd seen Wesker talking with one of the scientists, and the poor man seemed quite nervous. All the sudden, Wesker slapped him, but he didn't just fall back, he flew. Literally flew back and hit a wall. It must have broken his arm, because he started screaming in pain. Then Wesker pulled out his gun and shot him in the chest. Right there, in front of all those "people". But the worst was yet to come. They looked at Wesker, and he nodded his head, put his gun away and walked off, but those thing decended on the guy. He was still alive, just barely, and tried getting away. One of them grabbed him by the leg and pulled him back. They spent an entire fifteen minutes beating the hell out of him, and then one of them bit him. Then they all started biting him, and ripping him to peaces. Ashton told me they...Ate him.

I knew that the Plaga had alot of major set backs, but Canibalism? And how can Wesker control them?

None of this makes any sense...

I've got to get out of here...

I heard there were some opratives of the B.S.A.A. in this facility, and I know of one. His name is Dominick, and I tried asking around about him, but no one seems to know what happened to him. He just vanished. I even tried reading them, but it didn't seem to work.

I may have to get out myself. But I'm going to cause some chaos first.

I'm going to release U-8 tomorrow, inside of the facility.
Ashton said he'd turn off the life support of the Uroborus test subjects.

Man, I'm a glad I bought that handgun when I had the chance.

Also, on a side note...

Apparently, the type of T-Virus injected into me was different then Asthon's or Weskers. It requires more injections as time goes on, or it mutates into a for similar to the original virus. So, in order to nullify this, I stole what appears to be the cure to the T-Virus, which Wesker regularly injects himself with in small doses. Before we leave, I'm going to administer it to myself, too. I'm so tired of all this.